Quick insight into your biggest savings opportunities

Do you believe that there is plenty to save on your F&B, but don't know where to start? You want to rationalise your purchasing processes, but you're wondering how to tackle this? Are you looking for a partner for your purchasing project, but want to know if there is a click first? We understand! 

Choose from our Real Result Scans®: in a short time we look into your issue and provide immediate insight into the most promising savings or optimisation opportunities. The most important conclusions and opportunities are summarised in a concise advice report.

• insight within a week

• the most promising savings or optimisation opportunities

• concrete advice for follow-up steps

• from €1,850  

When you start a follow-up project following one of the Real Result Scans®, the costs incurred for the scan will be deducted.






Savings Scan®

Based on your own purchasing data, we make a thorough spend analysis within a week. In addition, our years of foodservice experience and the enormous amount of benchmark data are the most important touchstone. In a short time we make a realistic estimate of the purchasing segments where the greatest savings are possible.

Sustainability Scan®

Do you want to know where in your procurement you can become more sustainable? Have your purchasing checked against our sustainability benchmark. In a short time we will show for which product groups the greatest improvements are possible. Real Result clearly points out where the possibilities for improvement lie and immediately draws up a plan of action.

Professional Kitchen Scan®

You are on the eve of a large kitchen construction or renovation project and you are looking for a specialist who can help you with the start-up and realisation? Real Result is very experienced within food service and can, if desired, take care of the entire design phase, including technical drawings (also in 3D). Based on your project briefing, we will make an initial overview of the required equipment. We propose a plan of approach and phasing, on the basis of which we can determine the next steps together.

Menu Engineering & Impact Scan®

Better insight into your menu costs can significantly increase your profitability. Have your purchasing checked by our menu engineering experts. In a short time we will show how you can optimise your purchasing costs and margin, without compromising your concept and quality. Based on your purchasing data, sales statistics and menu composition, we make an initial rough analysis. After this we provide concrete advice for the most important savings opportunities.



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