Beerze Bulten - ANWB camping of the year 2017 - wanted to review its entire Food & Beverage range, suppliers and expenses to see where savings could be made and how the purchasing processes could be optimised. They came to us with that question. Real Result first identified the complete F&B package and identified the most important savings opportunities through a thorough spend analysis, the Real Result Savings Scan®. Based on the scan, a rationalisation proposal has been made and various tenders have been launched in the market, including for the catering wholesale contract, but also on specific products such as beer, French fries, hand ice cream, soft ice cream and pizza crusts. 

In agreement with the F&B manager and the chef, new choices were made in assortment and suppliers. Tastings were organised for various product groups in order to be able to test the quality of the alternatives. All contract agreements were then accurately secured in clear agreements between the suppliers and Beerze Bulten. Together with Beerze Bulten, a large qualitative and financial result was achieved in the relatively short term.

“The collaboration with Real Result led to further professionalisation of the F&B Purchasing within Beerze Bulten. By sharing our wishes and requirements and applying their knowledge and expertise in the field of purchasing, we have achieved a splendid qualitative and financial result.” Gerrit-Jan Hagedoorn, Owner Beerze Bulten

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