Can you develop the first completely unplugged catering kitchen in the world with us? That was the challenging question that Real Result received from Ernest van de Voort, Business Development Manager, Marketing and Concepts at Albron. A new kitchen for a prestigious circular catering concept - The Greenhouse - in the heart of Utrecht that should be opening its doors within a year. Not an everyday question in the professional kitchen world, but the ambition that came through was crystal clear. And we were triggered.

Completely plug-free, no, we did not succeed in the end, simply because the current laws and regulations in the Netherlands don't allow this yet. Instead we created a future-proof restaurant kitchen with progressive partners, in which the highest achievable in terms of circularity has been achieved. And all conditions to allow this kitchen to grow into 100% plug-free for the next 15 years have also been created. All suppliers have committed themselves to an annual optimisation towards the latest techniques and insights.

Thanks to our shared ambition and a considerable portion of perseverance, revolutionary steps have been taken in this project in the field of circularity.

  • the Veenhuizen fridge-freezer installation works entirely on CO2, so no harmful gases. We have succeeded in getting the smallest CO2 installation in the world to work.

  • the extractor hood, developed by the Tessu company, is made from 70% recycled glass. 

  • the X-Oven burns on olive pits and the pizza oven is fully wood-fired. 


“A restaurant that prepares its dishes without using electricity: 'the plug-free kitchen!' A wonderful ambition that we can't yet, I'm saying yet, achieve today. Together with Real Result, we have already been able to take the first important steps and have therefore focused on the realisation of professional kitchens that use substantially less energy between now and 15 years.”
Ernest van de Voort - Albron

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